Umbilical Stem Cells

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Umbilical Stem Cells

Banking Umbilical Stem Cells

Every cell in the body starts as a stem cell. A stem cell is a cell without a 'job'. Meaning that it can become a different body part depending on the signals it receives. Once a stem cell begins to receive signals, then certain genes are 'turned on' based on the signal. Once these genes are functioning, the cell then differentiates, thus becoming what the signals and genes are telling it to be.

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Although umbilical stem cells are at an early stage, they are not the youngest or most versatile stem cells available. They are, however very useful in many areas of research or medicine to help cure or repair damaged body tissues. Stem cells are the building blocks of all tissue in the body.

Prior to umbilical cord stem cells, there come early embryonic stem cells. These are the most versatile, meaning that they are in the earliest stages of development. They are called totipotent because they can become any kind or type of cell in the human body. Seven days following fertilization, blastocyst embryonic stem cells are seen.

These are referred to as pluripotent because they can become most any kind or type of cell in the body, but because they are older, they do have some limitations. Fetal stem cells fall under this same category.

The stem cells discussed above are all stem cells that are developing prior to full-term delivery of a newborn. This makes harvesting them, to some, a problem. Following delivery of the child you will have umbilical stem cells.

These are considered multipotent because they have the potential to become different cell types, although their versatility is very limited compared to the younger stem cells. These cells are genetically related to the child and this limits their range of cell type. The oldest stem cells are termed adult stem cells and are considered multipotent also.

Because of the number of ailments that can be helped with stem cells, blood banking has gained great popularity. When a new born is delivered the Umbilical Stem Cells remain in the umbilicus, that is removed from the infant, and the placenta.

Instead of discarding this, as was the practice for many years, it can be saved and sent to a lab that is willing to save and store the umbilical stem cells. Usually this has to be decided in advance of the delivery and there is a cost attached to it. Many new parents are opting for this type of banking in case the child needs these stem cells in the future.

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Stop Waiting For Cord Blood Donors - Go For Cord Blood Storage Now

By Saurabh K Jain
Finding a suitable cord blood donor for medical purpose is marked with many issues. In many cases, people are not able to get the perfect match for their medical needs. A large number of people die waiting for a transplant due to this reason. This particularly holds true for adoptive children. They may not have any biological sibling or family member to look out for matches.

How Is Cord Blood Banking Done

By Alvin Toh
Cord blood banking is non-invasive and not harmful to the mother or the baby. The cord blood collection process is safe, painless, simple and fast. There are two ways it can be done, either of which can be decided upon by your doctor.

Ceres Living MLM Review - Stem Cell Research Pros and Cons About AIO Stem Cell Drink

By Billy Ying Ching
You already probably have heard of your share of controversial issues pertaining to the pros and cons of stem cell research. Just to let you know that the pros outweigh the cons by an astronomical margin. I am not saying this just to express favoritism towards Ceres Living. One thing you need to be aware of regarding the cons of stem cell research is the fact that human rights activists consider the use of embryonic stem cells as equivalent to the taking of a human life.

Leukemia For Twins and Stem Cells Solutions

By Wayne Channon
Although there are no accurate data for concordance rates of leukemia in infant twins, anecdotally it seems to be exceptionally high, perhaps approaching one hundred percent that is, if one twin has it, unfortunately so will the other. If correct, this suggests that MLL gene fusion in utero has a dramatic impact, ensuring subsequent leukemia. But for children aged two to six years with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the concordance rate is considerably lower at around five percent.

Umbilical Cord Blood Banking Guide

By Rowl Io
Umbilical cord blood banking is one more option available to expectant parents, which should be taken before the birth of their child. It is a vital decision that must be considered carefully. The final decision whether to save cord stem cells or not is a personal one but while deciding on it, you must educate yourself as to what the procedure entails as well as the pros and cons.

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